Our mission at The Artisen is to inspire the world by showcasing the beauty of one-of-a-kind, inspired textile creations by Indian artisans. We combine a modern style with rich traditions steeped in Indian culture. Every collection is handmade in limited quantities to make a bold, distinct statement.

Each weave, loop in your home, stitch, and knot in our products carry with it a story. The identities and traditions of the artisans who create them are elaborately intertwined amongst the threads. By channeling this history into their work, the artisans craft unique,handmade mementos that we hope will become a part of your special home story




Indian Tradition meets the Modern Home

Our products are rooted in the diverse traditions of the Artisanal Communities with whom we partner. These communities are spread across many Indian states including Nagaland, Punjab, and Rajasthan. By engaging the talents of local artisans, our products reveal the country’s rich history and embrace the diversity of its people.

Empowering women artisans

A large number of the artisans we work with are women
from rural areas of India. For both them and their families,
this work is a vitally important source of income. By
employing these talented, ambitious women, we aim to
empower them with the resources they need to flourish.
We truly consider them to be valuable allies and we aim to
provide each of them a forum to voice not only their ideas,
but their concerns and advice. We strive to give them the
freedom to express themselves and grow as artists.

Non-Profit and Ethical Partnerships

Collaborating with nonprofit organizations, micro-enterprises, and women artisans is part of our
mission. Our partnerships provide artisans the opportunity
to advance their own lives, improve the well-being of their
families, and contribute to the betterment of their communities. We believe in pushing forward a socially conscious business model that improves the lives of
the people involved. The artisans we work with embody
our dedication to female empowerment, transparency,
ethical production, and healthy workspaces.