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Bring home The Artisen's audacious Earthy Collection. Inspired by the colors and materials found in nature, this collection aims to add new dimensions and styles to your home.

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Shop our unique colorful collection of Handmade Modern Boho accent cushions, throws, and more. Add a burst of color to your home with these exciting collectible pieces.

One of a kind pieces, handmade in small batches and ready for the modern home. Shop now for unique handmade home decor.

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Our products are rooted in the diverse traditions of the Artisanal Communities with whom we partner. These communities are spread across many Indian states including Nagaland, Punjab, and Rajasthan. By engaging the talents of local artisans, our products reveal the country’s rich history and embrace the diversity of its people.

The vast majority of the artisans we work with are women from rural areas of India. For both them and their families, this work is a vitally important source of income. By employing these talented, ambitious women, we aim to empower them with the resources they need to flourish.

Each weave, loop, stitch and knot in our products carry with them the stories, identities and traditions of the artisans who worked on them. Channeling this history into the products they create, the artisans bring into the world unique and handmade work.

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Imagine a home where each piece of décor has that personal touch you can come back to and say, “This is me.” Shop unique handmade home décor pieces at The Artisen.

The Artisen brings you a shop for handmade home décor designed in San Francisco and handmade in India - each piece with a unique personality imbibed by the fingers that crafted them.

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The Authenticity of Indian Block Print Cushion Covers

27 Oct, 2021

The Authenticity of Indian Block Print Cushion Covers

Modern decor and design have moved towards simplicity. The thought goes that the more we move towards a minimalistic look, our house feels more natural. But certainly, minimalistic doesn’t only mean plain blocks or generic solid colors. Indian block print cushion covers would seem anathema to this minimilistic look, even with the recent move towards interior design looks from the 70s. But what if we could go back even further. Let’s say ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia or more accurately Jaipur, Rajasthan. No, I won’t ask you to design your whole living space around an Indian-themed restaurant. What I’m about to tell you is a four-thousand-year-old art that for some reason flew past our radar until now. 

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Teak Wood Charcuterie Boards by The Artisen

11 Oct, 2021

What is on a Charcuterie Board? | The Artisen

What is on a charcuterie board? You must have been to a friend’s wedding reception and seen the server walking around with a flat, oddly-shaped piece of wood with a bunch of meats and cheeses on top. Have you ever been to, say, a company’s luncheon and witnessed your co-workers’ hesitation to choose a food item? And when the server finally approached you and set the flat piece of wood before your eyes, did you recognize every meat and bread on its surface?

You’ve probably never asked yourself “What is on a charcuterie board?” but that’s most likely because you’ve never had to think about it until it was in front of your face, filled with a colorful array of food. What is commonly known as a “cheese board” or “party platter” has been around since the 15th century, originating in France where butcher shops used every part of the meat to sell to buyers. Often seen in social gatherings and events, charcuterie boards (pronounced “shar-koo-tr-ee”), whose name means “pork butcher’s shop,” have become popular today because they offer a variety of delicacies that differ in taste, texture, and consistency.

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12 Home Decor Trends for 2021

08 Feb, 2021

12 Home Decor Trends for 2021

Being quarantined for most of 2020 has had a massive impact on home decor trends in 2021. Being bound to our houses made us all realize that we have been too focused only on functionality, and less on how our homes make us feel. This is just one of the reasons why one of the ultimate rules for styling your home in 2021 is eclecticism - mixing unique styles that will genuinely portray your personality and tell stories on their own. Another significant comeback that is here to stay, is the golden rule “Less is a bore”, as a response to a decade of minimalism that has ruled in homes all over the globe. Now that you don’t necessarily need to think about your home looking decluttered completely, with only essential furniture, and a dominant neutral color palette, here are some home decor trends you can consider implementing in your home in the following months of 2021.

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Japandi Interior Design – A New Trend on Everyone's Mind

01 Feb, 2021

Japandi Interior Design – A New Trend on Everyone's Mind

What is the Japandi design? Well, it is a genius attempt to connect two at first sight very different cultures – Japanese and Scandinavian. At first glance these two cultures have almost nothing in common but people have recognized their great connection when it comes to interior design.

The first thing that must pop in your mind when you think about Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics must be their simplicity, functionality and minimalism. That is exactly what it is. Next to the things they have in common, both styles brought their special secret. In Japandi design you will find the Nordic way of creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. While on the other hand the Japanese brought in their sense on finding beauty in imperfection especially when it comes to the decorative items.

What lies in the core of the Japandi design is the balance that is brought in by using neutral color palette.

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