About The Artisen

Everyone has a story to tell.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”   - Jerzey Kozinksy

About The Artisen 

Each weave, loop, stitch and knot in our products carry with them the stories, identities and traditions of the artisans who worked on them. Channeling this history into the products they create, the artisans bring into the world unique and handmade work.

Our goal at ‘The Artisen’ is to connect these artisans, their work and their stories to the consumer, taking a deliberate and direct approach. Through this we hope to empower both the makers and consumers, bringing the best quality products while ensuring safe working spaces for the artisans, working with them as partners and providing them a forum to voice themselves and their ideas.

Female Empowerment

About The Artisen

The vast majority of the artisans who work in this industry are women from rural areas of India. For them and their families, this work is an important source of primary or secondary income. By employing these women, we hope to empower them, allowing them to make better choices for themselves and the future of their family.