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Understanding Colour to Create Beautiful Spaces | The Artisen | The Artisen

17 Jul, 2018

How do I use Color Schemes for Interior Design? | The Artisen

Why do some colours look better in space than others? Very often it’s the combination of two colours that creates an overall mood or effect on perception. When selecting two colours that work well together, you are trying to achieve a colour harmony. There are four predefined colour harmonies that can be used as tools to better inform us when we make colour decisions for our homes. This basic colour guide will help you make better decisions for your walls and decor pieces.

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Texture in Interior Design | The Artisen | The Artisen

17 Jul, 2018

Texture in Interior Design | The Artisen

Colors dominate the conversations of interior design while textures come as an afterthought even though textures add subtle or prominent dimensions to a room through their visual and tactile cues. Textures are the small details that make a big impact in the overall look of the room. They are the final threads that sew the pieces together for the final look, they cannot and should not be overlooked.

Whether a material is smooth, hard, silky, soft, woven or embroidered, the overall tone or mood of a room is set by combining textures of the individual materials, furniture and décor in the room. Hence, the soft cushion, covered with soft and fluffy pom poms gives a different allure than when the cushion is covered by a leather cushion cover.

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Decorating for Small Spaces | The Artisen

05 Jul, 2018

6 Tips to Decorate for Small Spaces

Whether you live in San Francisco, London or Manhattan, big city life often means making do with a small apartment. Decorating in these small spaces has different priorities than the decoration you would use for a large house.
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