Handmade Roti Warmer & Roti Basket to Keep Your Rotis Fresh

Roti Warmers & Roti Baskets are essential when you need warm and fresh rotis at the end of the day!

Everybody loves a fresh roti when they're sitting down to eat. Most South Asian families have rotis, chapatis or parathas with every meal plates and people invest a lot of time and effort in making round and fresh rotis.

However, in our busy world - it's not always possible to prepare fresh chapatis for every meal. But after several hours, rotis lose their fresh taste. Your saag paneer may be a little less filling when the rotis aren't warm and fresh. But you can always use Roti Baskets & Roti Warmers to keep them fresh for every meal! 

How Do You Keep Rotis Warm?  

Roti Warmer by The Artisen

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Who doesn't love warm rotis? But, the question is, how does one keep rotis warm and fresh throughout the day? 

This is when the Roti Warmers come into play. These are kitchen tools that also double up as beautiful dining tableware. 

Just place your rotis inside the Roti Warmer and put them in the microwave for a few minutes. The Artisen's Microwave Safe Roti Warmer has a plastic layer between the beautiful textile layers that helps trap the moisture and gives you fresh, moist rotis. 

They're also easy to maintain: a cold hand wash will keep them nice and clean.

Why Do You Need a Roti Basket? 

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These simple wonders can be a saviour when you have guests coming over.

Have a hectic day ahead? Prepare your rotis beforehand and keep them in these baskets. The Artisen's Roti baskets come in beautiful colours and patterns that not only keep the roti/tortilla warm but impress people when you're taking rotis out.

The idea is to use Roti Baskets to maintain the flavour and softness of these rotis. The cotton cloth of these roti warmers ensures the roti remains nutritionally suitable for consumption. 

They also require almost no maintenance and are effortless to clean. The basket's cloth is easy to remove and to clean. The cost-effective and vibrant roti baskets come in handy to ensure fresh rotis when you  need them. 

Let go of the tissues or any aluminium foil to store your rotis and keep them fresh. Use The Artisen's Roti Warmers & Roti Baskets to enjoy that sumptuous meal.