Best Blogs for Home Decor - The Ultimate List

Most people wish to have their houses adorned with beautiful products and accessories. With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more social media platforms where we spend our days scrolling through the best blogs for home décor. But, we often don’t find specific categorizations that suit our requirements. For some, ‘boho’ is the go-to décor idea that they can think of. Whereas, for others, embellishing their dwelling with handmade products from the talented Indian artisans is more valuable. Out there, there is a vast array of home décor ideas and categories. Below, you will find the list of best blogs for home décor that you probably have been relentlessly searching for.

Best Blogs for Home Décor

Home Decor choices for each person can be subjective and fascinating in their own ways. It can be drudgery to find home decor matching your needs. Our list of best blogs for home décor will quench your thirst of finding products that are not only of varied designs but also created by authentic creators. These blogs not only display products but also share unimaginable ways to design the house. Let’s begin. 

‘Jungalow’ by Justina Blakeney for Everything Boho

If you’re someone whose ‘one true love’ are all boho products then this is the right place for you. ‘Jungalow’ by Justina Blakeney is a treasure trove containing things like blankets filled with forest-like prints, white and orange striped wallpapers displaying cozy fall vibes, teal colored rugs having berry prints, and so more. Their blog section covers deluge of ideas as well as facts. Justina, in her blogs seamlessly intertwined how she learned about the natural dying process on her visit to Rajasthan, as well as managed to revamp a pool. She has also displayed her new décor collections alongside. All these factors make ‘Jungalow’ as one of the best blogs for home decor. 

Jungalow Blog by Justina Blakely

‘The Artisen’ for Designing with Authentic Indian Home Décor

‘The Artisen’ serves as one of the finest places for satiating all your requirements for everything Indian. The best part about them is, they procure all their products from the idyllic Indian artisans. These are artisans having age-old experience in producing designs like block-print of Rajasthan, handloom art, macramé, and more. The Artisen’s blog section contains pretty illuminating facts like - the description of a charcuterie board, methods to match the accent wall with proper color, and more. The best part about ‘The Artisen’ blog page is, people gets ample ideas of designing the Indian home décor products like - styling the throw blanket, decorating their homes with boho products, and more.

The Artisen's Blog

‘APT. 34’ by Erim Hiemstra for Modern Living Ideas

Erim Hiemstra has beautifully captured the facelift of her condo in Seattle. Erim started her page in 2008, since then she had been unfolding new ideas on her blog page making it to the list of best blogs for home décor. One will encounter décor ideas related to historic Victorian era when scrolling through her blogs. If you’re someone who is interested in documentation, then you’ll surely love how she syncs her life events in the blog section. APT. 34’s blog page will take you through facts like - decoding secrets to minimal holiday decorations, knowing if the all-white kitchen trend is still ongoing, and more. 

‘APT. 34’ by Erim Hiemstra for Modern Living Ideas

‘The Nester’ for Miscellaneous Home Décor Ideas

The Nester by Myquillyn is your ‘next-door’ home décor specialist who has it covered from all aspects. Both Myquillyn and her husband Chad have stayed in 14 different homes that has pushed her to bring out the creativity through home decor. Her blog page is overgrown with home décor ideas and information as well. From describing four simple spring cleaning techniques, clearing the winter pileup, to discovering the new winter scent, she has described it all. You will even get ideas on minimalism, setting goals for your home, know about the must-have products for the New Year, and more.  

‘The Nester’ for Miscellaneous Home Décor Ideas

‘Centsational Style’ for Affordable Home Décor Ideas

Centsational Style is the place that offers the audience some mind-blowing affordable home décor ideas, thereby making it among the best blogs for home décor. Created by lawyer turned design blogger Kate Riley, Centsational Style is your go-to for DIYs, textile décor, and interior designs. She has some impeccable ideas on her project’s page like - DIY woven basket plant stands, revamp of her master bathroom, DIY hanging art ledges, DIY shoe rack, and so much more. Hold on, she actually shows how you can make a DIY wood with sisal cat scratcher for your cat. How amazing is that?

‘Centsational Style’ for Some Affordable Home Décor Ideas

‘Casa Amarosa’ by Nirali Guzman for Indian-style Wholesale Home Décor Ideas

Casa Amarosa is your one-stop destination for all things Indian. Nirali Guzman, the person behind this marvelous home décor brand has a very strong sense of textiles and colors. From the very beginning, she wanted to provide for the marginalized communities, and she then created Casa Amarosa to fulfill her wish. Through Casa Amarosa’s blog page, you will find how exquisite Indian art and craft can be. One can learn about good weave labeled jute rugs, or handcrafted Sabai grass coasters, or the stimulus behind the wonderful hand block printed Celestial collection. 

Casa Amarosa Blog

If you are a wholesaler reading this, then the good news is coming your way. Casa Amarosa offers authentic home décor products made by Indian artisans for wholesaling purposes. They have artisans from Ludhiana, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Bhadohi, Panipat, and Karur creating these magical products. 

‘Cococozy’ by Colette Shelton for Celebrity Home Décor Advice

Cococozy is created by Colette Shelton who is equally fascinating like her brand’s name. She hosts the show ‘Cococozy Design House’ featuring how she revamped her Californian Spanish-style home. She perfectly curates information about the kitchen, bedroom, living room, outdoor living, and bath separately. Her blogs are very detailed, thereby making it to the best blogs for home décor. She provides a plethora of information like explaining a chinoiserie wallpaper or describing how pink interiors would look for the bedroom. On the other hand, she teaches how to structure your kitchen with some unusual kitchen stylings. 

‘Cococozy’ by Colette Shelton for Celebrity Home Décor Advice

‘The Design Files’ by Lucy Feagins for a Range of Home Décor Ideas

‘The Design Files’ by Lucy Feagins has made its way to Australia’s most demanding home décor blog since 2008. They are ‘pro’ in documenting photos and videos of homes across Australia, and weaving stories with the most creative ideas. Their blog section features Victorian terraces, suburban family homes, seaside shacks, city apartments, and more. They have some compelling blogs on how to create a tiny, off-grid home from containers, or revamping a 1950s Portsea beach house. They have ceaselessly extended their creativity by providing information like - five mindful spaces for DIY at home, details of a textural home for a family, methods of converting an office space into a multi-level home, and so more. They have detailed blogs on intricate things like types of mirrors as well. 

‘The Design Files’ by Lucy Feagins for a Range of Home Décor Ideas

‘Young House Love’ by John & Sherry for Engaging DIY Home Décor Ideas

‘Young House Love’ is a very fun space made by John and Sherry. Together they have set up seven homes, and on their page, you will come across over 3,000 DIYs sufficing all your home décor needs. Their blog section contains very basic and accessible ideas like - how to utilize your small kitchen, ways to set up a pool, ways to build a privacy trellis, DIYing outdoor plant shelf camouflaging bizarre utility boxes, and more. Additionally, they have separate sections displaying their previous and current home for the audience to get ideas. This is the page that will keep you glued for endless hours. 

‘Young House Love’ by John & Sherry for Engaging DIY Home Décor Ideas

‘Eye Swoon’ by Athena Calderone for those Talented Chefs

This page is slightly unique for its inclination towards cooking and décor related to it. Athena, who is based out of NY is not only a highly accomplished interior designer but also a superb home chef. As we all know, the kitchen is the place where all great recipes are made, therefore, the place requires extra décor. She has elucidated what a home chef needs in their lives – from steak knives to serving bowls. She has beautifully illustrated the journey of her creating 20-foot marble floating kitchen shelf. Alongside, she also written about the best gifts under $200, then shared some delectable recipes as well. If you are someone who is a cooking enthusiast, then this page is the one. 

‘Eye Swoon’ by Athena Calderone for those Talented chefs